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It is more known before and up to now as RECODO, because of the slightly inward-curving pattern of the shoreline that welcome sea-farers to take shelter in time of storms and ocean surge. Recodo was divided into Sitios where persons of authority were designated as leaders: Faustino Matining (Lanao), Manuel Buenaventura (Mabini), Timoteo Madrid (Malvar), Juan Jacolbia (Recodo) and Maximo Montaril was the Teniente del Barrio on the creation of Zone I as a barrio. Until 1972, when Mr. Francisco Jordan was designated as the first Barangay Chairman. Followed by Carlos Buenaventura (1984), Nestor Latorena (OIC-1986), Evalina Madrid (1989), Jose Sena (19987), Marcelino Narzoles (2002), Agosto Oracion (OIC-2005), Jose Sena (2007), Joselito Malalad (2011), Agosto Oracion (OIC-2013) and Roy Bryan M. Malapote (2013 up to present).

Presently, Zone I includes not only Recodo but also Remerco Subdivision and Sitio Paraiso and is now divided into 7 Sitios: Sitio Mabini, Sitio Malvar, Sitio Luarca, Sitio Recodo, Sitio Centro. Sitio Remerco, Sitio Darmes and Sitio Paraiso.

Zone I is said to be a closely-knitted community, where everyone knows everybody. Before there are only hundreds inhabitants but because of inter-marriage and influx of visitors who decided to stay put because of the peaceful ambience and camaraderie in the area, there are already  thousands of inhabitants and its continuously growing by the year.

Zone I had the advantage of an urban community and the benefit of a coastal barangay. It has the possibilities of becoming the center of trade, once the port becomes operational, plus the fact that Zone I is the dropping point of fish products from the neighboring towns like Marinduque, Romblon and Mansalay adding to the locally fish products of Bakulong, whose owners/operators are bonafide residents of Zone I. It has also the chance to be one of the tourist destinations, once the beach resorts within the area could be enhance and developed and be able to meet the standards of quality that tourist demand and the maintenance of cleanliness, peace and order in the area and its vicinities.

With a united and strong willed Sanggunian coupled with industrious, peace-loving and cooperative inhabitants, Zone I could rise to be a financially stable community and emerge as a center of business and tourism that every Mindoreño could be proud of. 

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